Public Computers

All Luzerne County Library System members are entitled to use our high speed and up to date public computers and WiFi connection.

The Hoyt Library provides public computers to access the internet, Microsoft Office, and more. The computers are available for use until 30 minutes before closing.


Printing/Copying: $0.25 per page

Printing from public computers is available at $0.25 per page (B&W ONLY). Copies from the public copier are available at $0.25 per copy (B&W ONLY).

How to Access the Public Computer Terminals:
1. Using your valid library card, simply follow the blue prompt on the computer screen and type in your library card barcode with no spaces between numbers.
2. Read the library internet access policy found on the computer when you first log in.If you agree, click accept, if not click otherwise.
3. You are now logged into the public terminal for 60 minutes.

How to Connect to the WiFi:
1. Select Hoyt Wi-fi
2. Go to your internet browser.
3. It will then ask for a password, be sure to ask a librarian for this password.
4. You are now connected to our lightning fast Pen-tele Data Internet service!

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