This page is designed to answer some of our most popular questions that we receive at the library.  If the question you have isn’t one of the questions below please don’t hesitate to call one of our librarians.

  • How do I sign up for a library card?

Signing up for a library card is easy.  Library cards are issued at the Hoyt Library’s circulation desk.  In order to receive a card, you need to have proof of Luzerne County residency.  Proof can be offered in the form of: 1) A valid driver’s license; 2) Three pieces of mail stating the address is valid; 3) An identification card.  You will then fill out an application, and your new card will be valid for three years.

  • I lost my library card, what now?

If you lose your library card, you can always get a replacement.  Make sure to let a staff member at the library know that you lost your card, and they will put a note on your record.  A replacement card will cost $3.00.

  • How do I use a public computer, and am I able to print?

The Hoyt Library’s Reference Section (2nd Floor) has a number of public computers for public use.  1) You must have your library card with you; 2) You will need to have signed our Internet User Agreement form; and 3) You must be at least 18 years of age.  You will be limited to two hours on the computer.  You can print out copies for $.25 a piece.

  • I am under 18, how do I use a computer?

There are public computers for children and young adults located in our Youth Services department.

  • I was hoping that the Hoyt Library would offer courses, events, other services.  Where can I learn about these?

The Hoyt Library is always looking to have more events.  All of the events that are hosted at the Hoyt library will be posted inside of the library, on our Facebook page, on our Blog page, and on our Twitter.  Make sure to follow these accounts if you are able to online.  Just click the Blog link at the top of this page to get to our blog to read about upcoming events.

  • Does your library have programs for Children and Young Adults?

The Hoyt Library is constantly hosting programs for Children, Young Adults, and Adults.  Be sure to check the Hoyt Library’s Blog, our Facebook, and our Twitter stream to always be aware of the events that are going to be happening at the Hoyt.  For further inquiries, please call the library and speak with a staff member.

  • I have to write a research paper and I really don’t know where to start.  Can you help?

The Hoyt Library is filled with valuable research materials.  We also host a lot of great online research databases (see the research link at the top of this page).  If you have specific research questions, feel free to come to the library and talk to one of our reference librarians.  The Hoyt Library exists, in many functions, to help you get any type of research started, and then to help you find the steps to see it through to completion.