Support Our Library

There are many various ways you can support the Hoyt Library, both monetary, materially, or through the vehicle of service by volunteering within the facility.

Monetary Donations:

There are many ways you can give money to the Hoyt Library. You can simply make a donation at the circulation desk via check or cash. You can also donate a memorial or honor in someone’s name. The money you donate will be used to purchase books in that person’s name.

Material Donations:

The collection of the Hoyt Library is maintained and developed by the Library Director following the collection policy adopted by the Luzerne County Library System.

We are grateful and appreciative of the many donated materials to the library, however to maintain the integrity of the collection, the Hoyt Library does not accept donated materials.

The Hoyt library holds an annual book sale where all proceeds go towards buying new material for the library.

Our book sale is held every June. We only accept donations for our book sale during the month of May.

No Exceptions

For materials you wish to donate to be sold at our book sale you must follow the following guidelines:

Hardcover Books- 5 years old or Newer

Paperback books- 3 Years or Newer

Audio Books- Undamaged and with original cases

DVDs- Undamaged and with original cases

Dated, Yellowed, Damaged or Musty Items will not be accepted!

The Hoyt will NOT accept the following material:

Condensed Books



Text books

If you plan to make a large donation, you must contact the Hoyt Library for arrangements. All donations must be brought into the library and examined for acceptance by a staff member. Items not accepted must be removed from library premises by donor.

All donated material becomes the property of the Hoyt Library and are sold or otherwise discarded as the library chooses.

Receipts, if requested, will state the number of materials donated and material type. A monetary value for the items donated will NOT be provided.

You must provide your name and contact information with you donation.

No exceptions will be made to this Policy.

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