Coupon Deal of the Week, December 2nd

Purchase Ghirardelli bagged chocolate at Rite Aid for only $.50 per bag!

How to do it:

There is currently a sale at Rite Aid in which you can get 2 bags of chocolate for $5.00 USD. However, there is also an available manufacturer coupon to save $2.00 PER BAG.  To access the manufacturer coupon please click here. Please note that you can only print two coupons per computer.

If you have any questions please the Information Services Department and ask to speak with Stephen. 

A Youth Sports Safety and Poison Prevention, Be Safe. Not Sorry!

The Hoyt Library, on Monday, November 25th will present two programs for children and their parents in the community room of the library from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. by Melissa Gomez, a Quality Community Outreach Specialist from AmeriHealth Northeast.

“The Youth Sports Safety” program will instruct children and parents on ways to reduce the risks of sports-related injuries by identifying key components to safety such as location, equipment, and good instruction. Participants will also learn the medical treatment method known as RICE for common injuries, such as sprains and strains.

“Poison Prevention, Be Safe. Not Sorry!”, is a two-tiered PowerPoint presentation which outlines how to recognize poisons, where they are found, how poisoning can occur, how to prevent them and what to do in a poison emergency. Topics also include lead and carbon monoxide poisoning. The first section of this program can be used for children and the following sections are targeted toward adults and caregivers.

All participants receive health related materials and giveaways such as headbands, water bottles, lunch/sports bags, pedometers, band-aids, toothbrushes, portion plates, etc.

To register, call the Hoyt Library at 570-287-2013

Taking Care of Yourself, Healthy Tips for Teens

The Hoyt Library, on Thursday, November 21st program on a variety of topics relating to Teen Health, by Melissa Gomez, a Quality Community Outreach Specialist from AmeriHealth Northeast. The program will focus on healthy eating and physical activity for teens, personal and internet safety, dental hygiene and teen depression.

Ms Gomez will also include in her presentation information about the importance of healthy relationships, being a responsible young adult, and taking charge of your own health.

A discussion period will follow the program and light refreshments will be served.

Man with Interesting Library Card Hobby

Timothy Maloney from Falmouth, Kentucky has a very interesting hobby- collecting library cards. It just so happens that Tim has even collected a Luzerne County Library System library card. 

There are currently over 1450 libraries in more than 45 states represented within his collection. Aside from library cards within the United States, he also has a vast collection of cards from more than a dozen countries across the world. 




Halloween Cake Decorating at the Hoyt!

Join the Sweet Witches Bakers on Monday, October 21st from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. and learn how to decorate a “Witch Leg Cake” from one of our areas best decorating bakers, just in time for that special Halloween event!

Each class must have a minimum of 5 students, and be registered no later than two days before the class, or the class will be cancelled. Payment may be made by cash, or check, at the library.

The cost of the class is $25.00 per person. Students are asked to bring two 8” or 9” cake layers, or the bakers can provide a “dummy cake” for them to decorate for $30.

Invite your friends to come and have some fun!

For additional information call us at 570-287-2013. 

Teen Read Week Social Media Advocacy

In conjunction with Teen Read Week, the Young Adult Library Services Association has created an online campaign to raise awareness of the important role libraries play in helping teens develop and master critical literacy skills.

We need your help in getting the word out about it!  We are using a platform called Thunderclap to flood Twitter and Facebook with our ‘take action to support teen literacy & libraries’ message.  The Thunderclap allows people to pledge a Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook message that is unleashed at the same time.  It’s completely safe and will automatically post exactly one message on your behalf at 1pm, eastern, on Oct. 19.  The message has been pre-created by YALSA and says: “Teen Read Week is ur chance 2 support teen #literacy & #libraries! Check out these 10 easy ways 2 take action!

It takes 10 seconds to join the Thunderclap so you can send out the message—here’s how:

  • Click on this link
  • Choose Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr
  • From the new screen, log into your Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr account
  • That’s it!  You can opt to share the Thunderclap with others (please do!), or just close the box

Please sign up for the Thunderclap by no later than noon, eastern, on Oct. 19th

To learn more about Teen Read Week, visit  

PA Forward Goes Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association, is going pink in an effort to raise awareness and promote early detection.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is second to melanoma skin cancer in leading causes of death for women.  Breast cancer deaths among women were 40,676 in the United States in 2009.  (U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group).

Libraries throughout Pennsylvania play an important role in helping citizens actively manage their own well-being, thus making them effective partners with their healthcare providers.  For many, a library is the first stop after receiving a diagnosis from their doctor.  The Hoyt Library maintains a strong collection of health information, including medical manuals, coping guides, memoirs of survivors, and access to current medical research and data.

The Hoyt Library also offers free access to online sites such as the Mayo Clinic, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the U.S. National Library of Medicine for up-to-date research and statistics.  Additionally, Pennsylvania residents can use Consumer Health through the state’s POWER Library. Click here to access the POWER Library.  Consumer Health provides articles, research reports, and drug information, as well as alternative solutions.  

Libraries are the connectors between people and information.  When facing a diagnosis, facts and research from reliable sources can be comforting.  The Hoyt Library has quality materials and resources to help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare.  Although National Breast Cancer Awareness Month started more than 25 years ago, much is still needed to be done to help fight this disease.

For more information on PA Forward, visit

X-raying the Pharaohs: A Look inside the Mummy @ The Hoyt

xraying the Pharoahs (1)

The Hoyt Library, as part of the Luzerne County Libraries free lecture series – Uncover, Secrets from the Sands of Ancient Egypt – is proud to present Stephen R. Phillips, Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, who will present an exciting journey into the reconstruction of ancient Egyptian lives via the use of radiological technology on Thursday, November 7th, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., in the community room of the library.

This lecture traces the amazing successes from the advent of x-rays, which were invented in 1895, to the use of current CT-scanning, to literally travel inside the mummies of some of Egypt’s most famous kings, Egypt’s non-royal elite, and even inside the mummies that are not even human.

Come and explore what it was like to actually be an ancient Egyptian!

Light refreshments will be served.

To register, or for more information, call the Youth Services’ Department of the Hoyt Library at: 570-287-2013, or click here.

50 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child

According to a new study, the hallowed practice of bedtime reading is falling by the wayside – and that some quarter of a million children in the UK do not own a single book.

This is a terrible shame, as regular bedtime stories have been shown to increase children’s performance in school, and are also awesome and can help create strong lifetime bonds, both with literature and with parents.

So, from the peanut gallery of those who loved being read to (and still wouldn’t say no to a bedtime story) we share with you a link from highlighting 50 books that every parent should read to their child. Lucky for you, most of these books could be found within our library system!

Please click here to see “50 Books Every Parent Should Read to their Child.” 

Writer’s Showcase and Open Mic Night

Please join us on Thursday, September 26th at 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:15 p.m.) for the fourth installment of our Writer’s Showcase and Open Mic Night.

This month’s showcase will feature Mischelle Anthony, Heather Davis, and Jackie Fowler.

Along with writing poetry, Mischelle Anthony is Associate Professor of English at Wilkes University specializing in poetry and eighteenth-century literature. She has a poetry collection, [Line], available from Foothills Press. She is also founder and coordinator of Luzerne County’s Poetry In Transit program that places local writing and visual art on public buses. To keep her feet on the ground, she volunteers year-round at her local Domestic Violence Service Center hotline.  Mischelle is currently working on a second book of poetry, Tramp, and would like to create a garden on the roof of her garage.

Heather M. Davis has been a film buff since the beginning of life on Earth…well, since the beginning of her life on Earth. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She works full-time as Manager of Marketing and Electronic Communications for The Commonwealth Medical College. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Johnson College and Lackawanna College. She’s a screenwriter, essayist, fiction conjurer, sometimes poet, and a companion of The Doctor, whose latest regeneration rendered him a hyperactive corgi-mix. She currently lives and plays in Scranton.

Jackie Fowler is the Managing Editor for Etruscan Press and is a graduate of the Wilkes University Creative Writing program. Jackie has two children, a dog, and two novels: Jack: The True Story of the Molly Maguires and It is Myself that I Remake.  She is hard at work on her third.

An Open Mic Session, open to the public, will follow the showcase.

The event is free to the public and light refreshments will be provided.

Please note: the Hoyt/Wilkes does not pre-screen the writing pieces read during the event. Content may not be suitable for children.