Local Mentalist Uses Psychology and Humor to Expose Intuitive Abilities

Mentalist Mark Piazza brings his “Extremely Mental” program to the Hoyt Library, located in Kingston, on Monday, October 7th at 6:30 pm.in the Community Room of the Library.

The program is recommended for adults and children, aged thirteen or older. Younger children are invited however; a quiet atmosphere is required throughout the program.

Piazza blends comedy, psychological skills, audience involvement and more into his brain-poking presentation.  All of it is expertly weaved together to entertain the audience and help them learn to trust their hunches and gut-feelings.

“It’s fun to see looks of surprise and accomplishment when a participant discovers their intuitive abilities that they didn’t even know they had”, says Piazza.

Using his 25-plus years as an entertainer, he decided to present these ‘mind mysteries’ to business and social groups hoping that his program would help lift the spirits of anyone attending for at least a little while and to get their mind off of the hard economic times. He also is the author of 3 books for the magic community, has written articles for various trade magazines and has created routines for fellow entertainers.

An interactive show peppered with light humor, it gets everyone thinking, – is it just coincidence or is it some uncanny power?

Whatever you decide, you’ll probably end up saying, “This guy is mental . . . extremely mental!”

Please call the library to register, as space is limited!


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