The Oscars

Oscars 2013

You’re invited to The Oscars at the Hoyt Library!

Join us every day from February 18 to 22 to see previously won Academy Award winning movies, and take some time to vote for your favorite 2013 nominees. Best animated films from previous years will be shown.

Then, on Friday, February 22, join in the fun by visiting the Hoyt in your most glamorous attire and receive a delicious special sweet treat made by Sweet Dottie, while supplies last! Only those dressing up will receive the specially made treat.

On Monday, the Hoyt will announce the winning patron whose Oscar ballot correctly chose all the Oscar winners in each category, and then they will be presented with their very own “Oscar” trophy for their cinematic expertise.

The Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars, are given yearly for excellence of cinematic achievements in various categories of the motion picture industry. The Academy Awards are overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and has enormously has grown since its first appearance in 1929, and is the oldest award ceremony in the media. This year the Oscars, along with the Hoyt Library, will be celebrating its 85th birthday!

Come early and vote! Voting closes by the end of the day on February 22 and only one ballot per person will be accepted.

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