How to place a request for library materials, from home!

What is a “request”?

A request is simply the terminology that means that you are telling the library that you would like to take out a specific book/DVD/audiobook/CD.  At the library, we will receive your “request” and we will “pull” the book for you, call you to let you know that it is on “hold”, and then you are able to drive to the library and pick up the item at the circulation desk. Another term for “request” is “hold”.  For the purposes of being simple, this article will use the term “request”, but remember, if you hear the word “hold” used at the library, it means: “request”.

How to place a “request”

1. Click on “Catalog” at the top of the screen

2. Next click the “Luzerne County Libraries” logo

3. You will now be on the Luzerne County Library Systems Online Catalog page.  Here you will see your menu options on the right hand side.  Click “My Account”

4. You will now be presented with this screen: 1) Type in your full name that is on record at the library.  2) Type in your library card number. 3) Press “Submit”

5.  After you sign in you will be brought to your account screen that has all of the current information about your Luzerne County Library System’s account.  Near the top of the page, you will still see the standard catalog search bar.  Here is where you will type and hopefully find any of the materials for which you are looking.

6. After you type in your search, potential items will be listed on the screen.  You will also see two different areas under the materials you are looking for: 1) The Location and Status box, and 2) the request arrow.  Simply note where the book/DVD/audiobook/CD is located and then click the “request” arrow.

7. You will then be brought to the “Request Verification” screen.  Here you will choose at which library you would like to pick up your request, and by what date you would like to have it by, and if they do not fill the request by this date, it will automatically cancel.  The screen looks like this:

Once you have finished choosing and press the submit button, you are done!

**Things to remember:  While most of the time you will have your request at your requested library within 24 hours of your request (1 Full Business Day), it may take up to 2-3 business days for your request to come through.  Always call to make sure your request is at the library before you drive to pick it up. The library should call when your book is ready. If you were not called giving the library a call is a safe option, especially if you have an old phone number on your record. 

**Things to remember: Also make sure that you note the “STATUS” of the material that you requested.  If the status of the material that you requested is NOT ‘available’, someone else has already checked out the piece you wanted.  At this point, if you “request” the material, you will be placed on the hold list.

**Unfortunately there will be times when you may not find the item you are looking for. However- we can still get this item for you! Simply call the Information Services Department and we can search from out of the area to get your item. 

Remember, always call your library before you come in to pick up your materials.  Also, call if you are having a difficult time with this process.  Happy Book Hunting!

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